Half Arsed-a Chef Episode 2, Slick NAILS An Epic High 5

HAC#2The second episode of Nomu Half Arsed-a Chef has landed and holy balls, not only does your pal Slicky-T NAIL some sick dance moves, but also the most epic high five ever filmed.

In this episode we make “Gumboot Puree”, ie. we cram a bunch of tomatoes into a gumboot and squish the tomatoes into puree with our bare feet.

What they don’t show in this video is the fact that the judges tasted all the resulting puree, which is either very brave or very, very stupid. The jury’s still out on that one…

Big Daddy Savage (@lifeissavage) and Angel (@YesReallyAngel) deserve a special mention as well for their inspiring “Black Swanesque” ballet routine which was cut brutally short in the final edit.

Rich Hardiman (@RichardHardiman) also melted faces with some impressive freestyling whilst pouring all manner of shit into The Hot One’s (@monsters_closet) gumboots for their unique, beer-flavoured puree.

Deeeeelicious 😉



Did you catch that epic high five? See the way the girls fluffed it completely before Slicky-T stepped in their to save it?

Yeah, that’s because they let the excitement get to them and DIDN’T WATCH THE ELBOW!

Always watch the elbow. That is your lesson for the day.

Tune in next week for more Nomu Half Arsed-a Chef awesomeness.


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