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Friday Playlist: Bands That Are Better Than Linkin Park

2unlimitedFollowing the Linkin Park comments section shitstorm that happened on TFW yesterday, I decided that maybe the approach I’d taken with regards to my post was wrong.

I’m sorry for the hurt that post may have caused LP fans. It was unfair of me to tear the band a new one without substantiating my argument in any way.

So in order to enlighten my readers and back my argument up with irrefutable fact, I’ve decided to put together a playlist of bands that I think are better than Linkin Park to encourage some healthy debate. And before you can ask it let me just say yes, Chumbawamba did indeed make it onto that list.

So sit back, relax, put some headphones on and really soak this list up and if at the end of that you can honestly tell me that Linkin Park is better than any of these bands then hey, maybe I was wrong (unlikely).

It’s not going to be easy for ol’ LP to top these bands though, I’ve really brought my A-game today. What am I talking about? Well how about EIFEL 65 for starters?! Followed by motherflippin 12 INCHES OF SNOW!

Licky boom-boom down bitches.


Bands That Are Better Than Linkin Park from SlickTiger on 8tracks.


Hit my 8tracks site if you’d like full media player functionality in case you want to hear some songs more than once because yeah, with MICHAEL BOLTON on the list, who wouldn’t?!

Happy Friday Party People, have a killer weekend Winking smile