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SlickTiger’s Kitteh Pals Nearly 3 Weeks Old

Cyootface1I feel no shame about the post I’m about to write because as much as I might come across as an insensitive Neanderthal, I’m actually a big softie at heart.

All this post contains are pictures of very cute kittens that, come next week Monday, will be exactly 3 weeks old.

The backstory here is J-Rab works at a vet where they brought in a very pregnant and strikingly beautiful stray cat that couldn’t have been more than 8 months old. J-Rab decided we’d give the cat a home to have it’s kittens and now we have 6 little furballs that are literally getting cuter by the day.

Fair warning to any broody girls out there: these pics are on a whole other level of cuteness.
















In case you were wondering, yes we have found homes for all the kittens. We’re doing the responsible thing and making everyone pay R450 for a kitten.

This covers their shots and the cost of getting them spayed when they’re old enough.

And no. I am not breeding these kittens for the sole purpose of fattening them up to eat them, although when they were younger, the thought of a kitteh-kebab was tempting…