And the Winner Of The Tsogo Sun Competition Iiiiiiiisssssss…

JudithKeppel2Please believe me when I say this decision was not an easy one. There were at least three entries that made me actually laugh out loud, but sadly there can be only one winner.

At first I thought I’d chased potential entrants away by asking people to write a “well written” and funny sentence explaining why they need a holiday.

Over the course of the day entries did start to come through though, some more awesome than others, so before I announce the winner, I thought I’d give some props to the entries that came close.

Master Bates’ entry would definitely have won hands down if this was a “who can tell the sickest joke” competition, so thanks for that one, I’ll be sure to use it at the next dinner party I go to.



Cubicled Chris also got a chuckle out of me with his pants-shitting shenanigans, as did Keenan Harduth with his sneaky tale of a dropped ice cream (I see what you did there Keenan and I approve).

Lastly Tim, you killed me dude. It would have been you hands down if I was judging this on humour alone, but unfortunately it also had to explain why you need a holiday, which unfortunately yours failed to do.

So with no further ado, please join me in congratulating the winner of the Tsogo Sun weekend getaway competition, “Soon to be unemployed” whose entry read as follows:


A mail to all the boys has just been sent to All staff and now all the staff know that I like blondes, nipple clamps and chimpanzees


You had me at blondes and nipple clamps, but chimpanzees?! Wow dude, you need a holiday BADLY!

Expect a mail from your Tiger pal soon to sort you out with a prize, congrats!

The rest of you, the good news is that the Tsogo Sun Sunbreaks Summer Sale is still on until 8pm tonight so jump in there, you can still get 25% off the holidays listed there.

Let the summery good times roll Winking smile


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