The Tiger Swaps His Mind For Tiger-Print Tighty Whiteys

Tiger UndiesI think it’s a testament to my skills as a blogger that I’ve turned SlickTiger into a brand people understand so well that I have not one, but TWO pairs of tiger underpants donated by strangers.

But it doesn’t stop there, as part of Capitec’s “Swapping Mall” initiative at this year’s Rocking The Daisies, I will soon own THREE pairs of tiger underpants!

Can anyone reading this handle that?! I was speechless with joy when Capitec contacted me, offering me the underpants you see in the picture above in exchange for something, anything, that I’d like to offer up in return.

It’s such a killer idea. You bring something you’d like to swap to Rocking The Daisies this year (can literally be anything you don’t want) and at the Capitec stand you can exchange it for anything your heart fancies.

The last time they did this, they valued your item and gave you an appropriate number of swapping vouchers so that someone swapping their broken Havaianas can’t walk away with a Macbook Pro (no lies, someone actually brought a Macbook Pro to swap).

Here’s a vid explaining the whole concept:



So the burning question I’m sure you’re thinking is what am I offering in return for the incredible pair of underwear you see below:



Well, as you may have guessed from the titles of this post, I will be exchanging MY MIND for those undeniably sexy briefs.

As I write this I am already downloading my favourite movies, songs, games and other random junk that has influenced my life in one way or another from my mind onto a DVD (DVDs?).

Hopefully I can finish it in time to post a pic on this site before Thursday so you can hunt it down instead of some random who’ll probably think they’ve stumbled on a bunch of DVDs made by a raving lunatic.

I’m calling it “The Tiger’s Mind”. Lemme know if you manage to track it down, could be worth hundreds one day.


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  1. October 1, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    Nice idea! (Yours, about giving them your mind. Theirs too for the concept though.)

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