The Converse #GetDirty Competition Winner Is…

a-trophySorry I didn’t get around to posting this earlier boys and girls, it’s been a manic day but the good news is I’ve had a read through all the entries for the Converse #GetDirty competition and chosen a winner!

It’s never an easy task doing this (another reason why this post is so late) and with this comp in particular, there are some flippin awesome entries – someone call a vet, there some seriously sick puppies out there.

So anyway, the task was to post about the dirtiest you’ve ever gotten in a pair of sneakers. You guys posted some other level sheeit, but the big winner today iiiiiiiissssssss…

Ardian “Funky” Phipps! Congrats my man! Your story about getting so hammered you crawled UNDER your tent and passed out definitely qualifies you to handle anything Saturday’s party might throw your way.

The Converse kids will be in touch shortly with all the details you’ll need for the train ride and Saturday’s party, hell’s yeah!

Adrian has won a basically all-expenses paid trip to the Converse #GetDirty party happening in Jozi this weekend where he’ll be checking out a whole bunch of bands, including these badasses:



Party on Wayne Winking smile


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