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Wolverine’s Claws Made Real

Wolverine ClawsAs a kid I would often day dream about having claws like Wolverine. You’d basically be unstoppable in a fight – just pop them out and in seriously fast through your opponent and BAM!

No one has any idea what the hell just happened, the guy you were fighting is lying there bleeding all over the place like he got stabbed but no one can find a weapon.

See, this is how my 11 year old mind used to work (it’s all Stephen King’s fault, I swear!). But anyway, in the video you’re about to see, a guy who makes weapons for the movies actually makes a set of Wolverine claws.

They are pretty badass except for two things – they don’t retract and they rest at a weird angle when you’re holding them (as you can see in the pic above). Not that any of that matters when you’re gutting someone like a fish though.

Check it out:



Yoh. The guy with the punching bag at the end – so fucking cool.

Man At Arms does a whole series of videos about the weapons he makes, it’s pretty intense. There’s hardly a big budget Hollywood movie or series (GameOfThronesGameOfThronesGameOfThrones) that he hasn’t made weapons for.

If your movie or show has elves, knights, trolls, dragons or any other kind of medieval sheeit, Man At Arms is your man.