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Escape Monday: A River That Runs Along The Ocean Floor

4440978245_9cf047bdc9My favourite Escape Monday posts are the ones where I find places where unique climatic conditions create surreal environments like gigantic pink lakes and salt pans that turn into perfect mirrors.

Today’s Escape Monday post follows that convention. In Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, there’s a place called Cenote Angelita which is a water-filled cave that has a river running along the ocean floor beneath it.

This is made possible by a thin layer of hydrogen sulphate which separates the freshwater at the top from the saltwater below, creating a truly surreal underwater environment, amplified by the effects of nitrogen narcosis you experience at that depth.

Check it:







Here’s a link to the photographer’s site who took all those pics if you’d like to see more of his work.

Otherwise, my work here is done.

Go get ‘em champ.