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A Supercut Of Rémi Gaillard’s Best Pranks

RemiI tell ya, it takes big balls to do what Rémi Gaillard does. This French prankster worms his way onto all kinds of televised sporting events, gameshows and talkshows and causes total havoc.

I guess it’s also a sad indictment on security guards at these events because seriously, how the hell is he able to get onto the pitch / set time and time again and basically video bomb the shit out of that shit?

Maybe it’s a French thing, I dunno, but the results are pretty damn hilarious. Pay special attention to his phenomenal maths on the gameshow where he somehow gets into the audience and answers a question. Priceless.



The rugby one is also a classic. Proof that as long as you look the part and have the confidence to act the part, no one even raises an eyebrow.