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Escape Monday: Hilariously Idiotic Inventions From THe Past

Bizarre-Inventions-Electric-Heat-Jacket-1You gotta take your hat off to inventors – those rare visionaries among us who identify a clear human need, find the perfect way to satisfy that need and in doing so, become filthy stinking rich.

Then there are those slightly less successful inventors who probably outnumber the successful ones by about 10 000 to one. They don’t become nearly as rich and famous because, well, their inventions are total shit.

Speaking of which, here are 15 idiotic inventions from the past that I dug up to help you guys escape Monday by laughing at other people’s dismal attempts to invent something life-changing.

Let’s start with swimming.





Let’s move into mobile audio technology shall we?












And lastly, one that I’m actually seriously thinking of buying…



Hope you enjoyed those inventions.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in The Isolator Winking smile