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Anton Taylor Is Back. And This Time, He’s In It To Win It. Again.

Movember2Many of you may have read my previous Anton Taylor post when he first won INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MOVEMBER, but just in case you missed it. Here. Click that.

Now that you’re up to speed, let me reveal something to you that I hope you aren’t climbing a ladder when the full impact of it hits you. Are you off the ladder yet? That’s better.

Anton Taylor is BACK. The CHOSEN CHARNA himself has once again accepted the challenge to grow the world’s most incredibly intense moustache and win INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MOVEMBER TWICE!


Okes Who Like To Klap It #14: Mullet CHarna

he-manHazit boychays and belters!

Remember sometimes ago when I wrote about how once in awhile a charna comes along who is a boychay who is a insp-HIRATION to other boychays, a oke who is UNAFRAID to flippin become a MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE like the ultimate gym-klapper of all time and my personal hero HE-OKE?

Ja, well that charna, who okes now call THE CHOSEN CHARNA, has done a flippin OFF THE CHAIN video he asked me to put up a few days ago but I forgot because I was in court after this thing that happened at Tiger Tiger where I took too much JUICE and put some okes in hospital.


Okes Who Like To Klap It #10: ANTON TAYLOR

Anton5Once in a while a oke come along who is not just a normal oke, he’s not just another chop head who doesn’t unnerstand the meaning of getting MASSIVE, RIPPED and BUFF and banging hot BELTERS!

This oke, he can be called a LEGEND among men, he can be called the CHOSEN CHARNA. This oke can KILL you with a LOOK, OR he can safe lives by curing any disease – AIDS, TERBUCULOZES, PREGNANCY, ANYTHING – with a flippin’ high five.

This oke walks amongst us, KLAPPING IT, MOERING okes who are kak, BANGING hot BELTERS and being a LEGEND and his name… is ANTON TAYLOR.