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Escape Monday: Everyday Objects Rendered Useless

Giuseppe-Colarusso-phenomenal-illusions-2This one appeals to my warped sense of humour. Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso has taken photos of everyday objects and with his slick photoshopping skills, rendered them completely useless.

I thought this would make for a great Escape Monday post because if you’re feeling useless today then maybe you can relate and who knows, maybe this will make you feel better.

That’s what this site is all about. I’m not in it for the money or the fame or even the rad free shit. I’m in it for you guys, to give you something to smile about on what is probably a pretty shite day otherwise.

Check it out:


Escape Monday: Floaty Girls

NikolayTikhomirov9The craziest thing about this Monday is that I have no idea yet how badly I want to escape it. It only turned Monday 17 minutes ago at the time of writing this, so who knows what the day ahead will hold.

Having said that, it’s a pretty safe bet that I’ll want to escape it based purely on the fact that the weekend has ended and for the next five days I’m going to be working like a slave.

I always find the middle months of the year after April are when things really kick into high gear work-wise. So before today kicks your ass in the head, dig these awesome pics of floaty girls.


Escape Monday: Madagascar’s Stone Forest

Today, this Monday in particular, is one I would actually pay good money to just skip. Hit the fast-forward button and make it 6pm in the blink of an eye – how about that? Would be awesome right?

Instead all I can offer you is this “Escape Monday” post, so pack your bags party people, we are heading to the Stone Forest of Madagascar for the rest of today, yeeeeeha!

It’s totally fine, your boss said all that important stuff you were supposed to have done today can wait until tomorrow, no sweat. So with no further ado, let’s head on down to the Bemaraha National Park in West Madagascar and get stoned in the Stone Forest.


Escape Monday: The World’s Most Surreal Places (Part Un)

main-qimg-dd3d436b932d652eb4455c4c667db0eaIt’s Monday again and you are sad. On the way to work this morning you were all like “Ugh. This place again.” It will get better as the week goes on, but for now the outlook is a little bleak.

So you’re hitting up this motherflippin SICK site because you know your Tiger pal has your back when it comes to Mondays and today is a PRIME example of just that.

Hold my hand. We are going to take a magical trip to the world’s most surreal natural places to reaffirm how amazing the planet we live on is, restore your faith in the world and give you a couple of ideas of where to spend your next holiday.


Escape Monday: The World’s Most Colourful Sea Creatures

colorful05-regal-angelfish_17429_600x450Confession time. I stole EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE IMAGES from the National Geographic website, which you can visit here if you’d like to find out more about the creatures below.

In the meantime, you can kick back with your morning coffee, play The Little Mermaid soundtrack in the background and just get completely lost in how peaceful, colourful and rad sea creatures are.

I mean holy shit. Think about it guys! Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, so there is all kinds of cool stuff down there that we are probably not even aware of.


Escape Monday: Let’s Get High

4-10bWhat better way to escape the drudgery of another Monday than getting good and high, right? I mean hell, it’s the only real alternative to having to deal with another kak Monday.

So sit back, relax and dig these pics taken above the clouds from various very, very high places all over the world courtesy of this weirdly named site.

Oh what? You thought I meant “high” in the figurative sense? Shit dude, go for it man. I mean, officially I don’t advocate that kind of stuffs here on TFW because my mom reads these posts (hi mom!) but yeah. Blaze on Puff The Magic Dragon! Let the good times roll!


Escape Monday: Insane Photos of Ocean Lava

SelwayandKale1Lava has always fascinated me. Something about it is so primordial – rocks in their liquid form, I mean shit, how badass is that?!

The following pics were shot by photographers Nick Selway and CJ Kale who claim they are the only photographers to ever enter the surf next to an active volcano to do lava surf photography.

The resulting photos are nothing short of insane. Two powerful elements merging and swirling together, duking it out to see which is mightier. Some of the pics literally look like Titans doing battle so yeah, if this doesn’t help you escape Monday for a few minutes, nothing will.



Escape Monday: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

4-10It’s important to have a “happy place”. A mental place you can retreat to when you’re in the middle of a particularly boring meeting / having lunch with the in-laws / at the dentist having root canal.

That’s really what the Escape Monday project is all about. Giving you guys some awesome images to file in your “happy place” archive to make life more bearable.

The pics you’re about to see are all taken at Cabo San Lucas, a beach in Mexico that has some of the most stunning rock formations I’ve ever seen. Find this place in your mind the next time the boss craps on you for mentally tuning out every time someone craps on you.


Escape Monday: FREEDOM!

joshadamski01Guys, we’ve done it. We have escaped Monday at long last and are finally free to do whatever the hell we want ALL DAY!

That’s right, it’s Heritage Day here in the good ol’ S of A, which means we can kick back, chill to the max and all braai the shit out of shit in an effort to celebrate what makes South Africans South African.

Ironically, I’ll be spending most of today working. That’s the double-edged sword that is public holidays – as awesome as they are, you lose a day of productivity which I can’t afford right now. These images from Josh Adamski are making that reality a little easier to bear though.


Escape Monday: Underwater Baroque Art

black-moonDue to a whole lot of unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to source the soothing underwater dolphin sounds I would have liked to for this post, but that’s definitely the vibe I’m going for here.

Sure, it’s Monday again and surprise, surprise, you’re back here and it felt like the weekend never happened, but don’t let that bum you out.

Your Tiger pal is here to ease you back into things with these soothing underwater images taken by Christy Lee Rogers as part of her series Reckless Unbound. The images look like baroque oil paintings and invoke a certain tranquillity sorely lacking from Mondays.