Lose Your Shit Like Nicolas Cage

leaving_las_vegasIn some movies, Nicolas Cage is nothing short of mesmerising. He has an amazing ability to make you sympathise with his character whether he’s playing twin brothers who are total opposites or a weatherman in the midst of a mid-life crisis, there’s no denying that when he’s good, he’s fucking incredible.

But when he’s bad, hoo-wee, he’s fucking terrible. Anyone see Ghostrider? How about Windtalkers? Yeah, I rest my case.

And yet, people flock to see his movies, no matter how godawful they may or may not be because why?

Because MY GOD! The man knows how to completely lose his shit, as you’ll see in the following 4 minute sequence of Cage at his most shit-your-pants crazy that Civilian sent me yesterday.



Here’s a full list of all the movies courtesy of Pajiba.

0’09 – 0’30 Vampire’s Kiss

0’30 – 0’32 Ghost Rider

0’32 – 0’50 Vampire’s Kiss

0’50 – 1’11 Deadfall

1’11 – 1’19 Vampire’s Kiss

1’19 – 1’35 Deadfall (x2), Face/Off, Red Rock West (x2), Deadfall

1’35 – 1’43 The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call

1’43 – 1’47 Matchstick Men

1’47 – 1’52 Leaving Las Vegas

1’52 – 1’55 Vampire’s Kiss

1’55 – 2’03 Bringing Out the Dead, Face/Off (x2), 8mm, Adaptation, Wild at Heart

2’03 – 2’17 Windtalkers, Raising Arizona, Bringing Out the Dead, The Wicker Man

2’17 – 2’21 Vampire’s Kiss

2’21 – 2’34 Deadfall

2’35 – 3’10 The Wicker Man

3’10 – 3’19 Deadfall

3’19 – 3’37 The Wicker Man

3’37 – 3’43 Ghost Rider

3’43 – 4’10 Zandalee


I always thought it would be fun to be an actor so you could completely lose your shit, but he really doesn’t look like he’s having much fun in these scenes, does he?

What a fucking maniac Smile 


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  1. July 21, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    The thing with Nicholas Cage, even when I hate him, I love him.

    “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans” Watch it.

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