Awesome Work Time-Wasters (Part iv)

fuck-yeahOne thing that is universally true about guys is that if you give them a challenge, no matter how basic it may be, and the promise of a reward, they will literally bash away at that thing for hours and hours and hours until they either go nuts, or beat that challenge in a triumphant FUCK YEAH! moment.

How do you think TV games work? It’s a multi-million dollar industry built on the principle that men (and some women) LOVE the satisfaction they get from beating something, anything.

So why don’t you try beat your Tiger pal at something?

This game is actually retardedly simple, has basically no graphics to speak of and is playable by downloading and opening this 19k file in your browser (thanks again to my main man Clive for this one).

Click the link here to get it:  


Actually, no, don’t get it, it’s probably not worth playing. In fact, probably just turn away now and forget you ever read this, I mean the game is THAT simple.

Just beat my score of 18.8 seconds. Easy peasy Japanesey.



Oh, one other thing, apparently only “geniuses” can last for longer than 18 seconds, pffffftttt. I nailed it after 10 goes.

FINAL VERDICT: C’mon! Don’t be such a spazz! 18 seconds and you can finally confirm what you’ve known your entire life – you’re a genius!

Have fun! Winking smile


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  1. 1 Gareth
    August 5, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    Thanks for that… Jees that just helped me get through a good 20mins aswell of this slow Friday. Dig the writing. Keep it up. P.S – I got to 19.396 seconds.. I win!

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