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Awesome Work Time-Wasters (Part V)

Mr Runner4Christ, I think I just hit the motherload of time wasters!

I started trying to write this post at about 11 and it’s now pretty much 2.30 and I’m STILL playing the fucking time-waster I found.

Quick disclaimer before we continue, I took leave today, otherwise I probably would have been fired outright for killing so much time playing this game.

The game’s called “Mr Runner 2” and basically all you do is mission through one level after the next at insane speeds trying to avoid getting skewered alive or plummeting to your death.

The graphics aren’t too bad, but my god the gameplay is addictive as smoking heroin! It’s your typical “starts-out-all-sunny-happy-and-easy” kind of game and you’ll find it’s dead simple to clock up gold and platinum medals in the first world without really breaking a sweat, but by the time you get to world 2, shit starts getting pretty goddamn challenging.

I’ve only made it to the third level on world 3, but that’s as far as I’m going because it’s fucking mid afternoon and I’m still lying in bed, fucking starving and feeling like I’ve just killed a lot of time I’ll never, never, never get back.



The challenge here is finish the game. Get through the levels to world 3 and actually finish it and I’ll be seriously impressed.

The gauntlet has been thrown down, gentlemen! Now kill the rest of the afternoon waiting for tomorrow’s public holiday to kick in and thank me later.

TOTAL TIME WASTED: 3 fucking hours!
FINAL VERDICT: Much like crack, you’ll convince yourself that one more game won’t hurt, I mean, you can stop whenever you want, right?