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Baking Becomes Evil

bld141867You say “baking” and I think of a plump, grandmotherly woman in a pink frilly apron working a rolling pin whilst humming happily to herself in the afternoon sun.

Well, that’s what I used to think when you said “baking”. NOW, thanks to the wonder of the internet, when you say “baking” I break out into cold sweats, my eyes darting nervously around the room to see if somehow, somewhere one of the nightmarish creations I’m about to show you could be lurking in the shadows.

So brace yourselves for this one. It ain’t for the faint-hearted. What you’re about to see is the product of a depraved mind, much like this site actually Winking smile

Exhibit A is the work of Oakland-based artist Scott Hove, who created the following pieces as part of an upcoming show in San Francisco called “Your Deadly Desserts”.

“Deadly” definitely being the operative word in that last sentence…






Now that we’ve got the tame stuff out the way, let’s clear the stage and let the fucking THAI show us how to really crank it up a notch on the weird-shit-o-meter.

Kittiwat Unarrom is a humble baker who spends his days toiling happily in his bakery creating baked goods that look exactly like human body parts.

What. The. Fuck.





If you can handle more of that, here’s a fucking creepy video with no subtitles or narration that takes you on a tour of this freak show’s bakery. Apparently these pics are old (circa 2005) so this place may or may not still exist, BUT there’s a Thai tour company that still offers visits there.



Feeling hungry anyone?