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Awesome work time-wasters (part vii)

famicomWhat were those old-school consoles called that flooded the SA market back when we were kids? The NES rip-offs with the red rectangular controllers? “Golden China” or some shit like that?

Anyway, there was a time when all the kids had one (except me. Christ I was deprived) and spent hour after hour mercilessly bashing the buttons to classics like Contra, Megaman and Super Mario, their brains slowly turning to gloop while they forgot how to do basic things like read and go to the loo unassisted.

Well what if I told you they’ve rolled all those rad old games into ONE?! That’s right. Hold onto your balls.

Courtesy of SupaDan, A TFW regular and total badass, I present to you SUPER MARIO BROS CROSSOVER!



“What’s better than playing Super Mario?” I ask you with tears in my eyes. PLAYING SUPER MARIO AS ONE OF EIGHT CLASSIC NES CHARACTERS THAT’S WHAT!

Sorry, too much shouting. I am quite hungover at present and my volume switch isn’t working properly.



So yeah, hit this link to check out this classic work time waster and thank me later. Ever wanted to blast turtles to kingdom come as Megaman? Or what about thrash the shit out of anything in your path with that creepy dude from Castlevania’s flame whip? Well, I’m here to tell you that you can!

You can even play as Sophia III, a dumb-looking tank-thing that has about 350 special abilities.

Only thing that gets irritating are the tutorial messages. There are about 15 (seriously) that you have to wade through before you can so much as squash a mushroom dude.

TOTAL TIME WASTED: About 1hr. Then the nostalgia value wore off and I carried on with my life
FINAL VERDICT: Meh. In my hungover state I may have overhyped this one slightly. If anyone needs me, I’ll be passed out in a cubicle in the men’s room…