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Okes Who Like To Klap It #6: Legwarmer Boychay

Ronny Rockel 194Hasit ma charnas!

So I was in the gym the other day for my late night session, KLAPPING it so stukkend I had to beat the belters off me with a barbell when I saw a boychay who had taken things to THE NEXT LEVEL!

This charna walks in with the confidence of 10 men and immediately all the belters start staring at him like the oke has some kinda magical aurora and no matter how much I grunted between reps or how hard I chucked the weights against the floor, it didn’t make a flippin’ difference!

EVERYONE was watching this charna!

Then I checked the oke’s legs. The boychie was wearing lekker retro-black moffie socks that looked like something Jane Fondle used to wear back when all the chicks were GROT OTTERS!



I had a good lag checking this dof ou walking around the gym like he owned the flippin place, when all he looked like was a doos.

But then the oke started KLAPPING his sets and I’m not lying when I say the WHOLE GYM stopped to check him. I took a pic lekker sneaky James Bond style even though the police said I’m not allowed to since the insident with my camera phone in the men’s bathroom so ja… it’s a little blurry…



It was like nothing I have never seen before! The oke was EATING WEIGHTS the size of my ex-girlfriend Toni without even breaking a flippin’ sweat.



I can only surmine that the boychay’s lekker retro-black moffie socks were giving him some kind of superb human strength by forcing his circlation to SKIP HIS LEGS and go straight to focus on a oke’s most important muscles – BICEPS AND PECS!

This oke is an example to all charnas out there. I’ve already bought myself 10 PAIRS of lekker retro-pienk moffie socks to KLAP it in and lemme tell you, okes are so impressed they’ve started whistling in appreciation whenever I walk by.

Do don’t be flippin’ DOF okes, if you want to lift 60% heavier weights and therefore achieve 71% more success with the belters, listen to your pal Slicky-T and KLAP LEGWARMERS BOET!

Any oke that does that gets a post to celebrate his buffness, guaranteed!

See you in the gym Winking smile