New Music From Your Tiger Pal

1c467365-e8cf-4619-a8ec-71720523351eI used to write this weekly feature on www.pulpmag.co.za called “Tiger Bites” that got some decent traffic.

It was a weekly round-up of everything going on in the music world. I used to bust my balls to find to best content from the music sites I trawl and then mix it all into one post. It melted faces.

So here’s something in a similar vein. This week it’s new tracks from the Blood Red Shoes, Temper Trap, Garbage (yes they’re dropping a new album and yes, the single is SICK) and The Shoes with their video for “Time To Dance” featuring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Dig it.





Fair warning before you play this next one. It’s fucking badass, got my hands on it courtesy of my man Nick Bouwer. Check his site out for more good shit.



Have a killer weekend party people! See y’all on the other side Winking smile


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