New Desmond And The Tutus Single

Desmond_the_Tutus_2A few weeks back, I posted the whack infomercial for the new Desmond And The Tutus album, Mnusic which is going to be landing shortly.

It got some mixed reactions – personally I thought it was pretty damn awesome but one or two of my readers felt that they’d taken the whole thing a little far.

Any way you slice it, it got people talking which is the important thing. Fast forward to this morning and I get an email from ol’ Dezzy himself (aka Shane) saying the first single from Mnusic has landed, as has the video,  which is shot in the same, spoofy low-budget vein that the infomercial was.

Check it:



Not too sure I’m sold on the video (bit of a dramatic ending) but that’s a killer song if I ever heard one!

Will hopefully be getting my hands on the new album to review it soon.

Stay tuned folks.


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