Steri Delivers Gigantic Crate Of Awesome

Steri_drop1Dedicated readers of this site will know that Steri and Slicky-T go waaaaaaayyyy back to a time before this blog (or ANY blogs for that matter) even existed.

Back then, I used to be able to gulp down an ice cold strawberry Steri in record time, a feat which won me the coveted title of “Champion Strawberry Steri Speed Drinker, Gauteng Region”.

People speculated that I did it for the fame, the glory. They said I was just showing off, but the cold, hard truth was that I did it because I was trying to raise awareness for a vital cause – there isn’t enough Steri in a stumpie, there never has been… until now.

A gigantic crate was delivered to your Tiger pal this morning, and when I opened it up, a heavenly light shone forth, reflected in a million tiny mirrors from the disco ball that hung from the inside of the crate.



Steri Stumpie had done the impossible – the had delivered an entire launch party in a crate, complete with a red velvet rope, a hostess and a milk bar where they were serving (sit down for this next bit) 1 LITRE STERI STUMPIE!

It seems all my campaigning has finally paid off! As of today, the 1 Litre Steri will officially become a part of our lives so that no more will we klap a stumpie and wish we had more.

Keep it in your fridge even! Top up on delicious ice cold Steri whenever the urge strikes you. Take it to the beach! Throw a few in a cooler box and impress friends and relatives! Take it on a hike! Nothing better than an ice cold Steri after a hard day’s climb, your muscles will love the protein!



Sky’s the limit here people! Hell, you could even fill a bathtub with the stuff and have a Steri bath! Who hasn’t ever dreamed of doing that?!

Well done Steri and everyone involved. Both the Gigantic Crate Of Awesome and the new 1 litre Steris are a stroke of pure genius.

Keep on keepin’ on 😉


6 Responses to “Steri Delivers Gigantic Crate Of Awesome”

  1. 1 Ox
    April 26, 2012 at 5:49 am

    It’s sad that you’re selling out.

  2. 2 dp
    April 26, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Nice one! when I was across the pond the two guilty pleasures i missed the most were Tempo chocolates and Steri Stumpies… I don’t know how many lunches back in varsity consisted of a Steri, a Pick N Pay pie and a loose cigarette on the steps of Peppergrove. Those were the days. The 1l is rad.

    Oh, and Ox: go fuck yourself.

  3. 4 dp
    April 26, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    What you may not realize about the internet Ox, is that not everything on here is written expressly for your personal reading pleasure. Why don’t you try write something worthwhile of your own instead of trolling other people’s stuff?

  4. 5 Ox
    April 27, 2012 at 8:39 am

    Dp, you’re reading the same stuff I am, and clearly writing as much inane rubbish as I am. Don’t feed trolls, dp. It’s not worth it.

  5. 6 Seerower
    April 30, 2012 at 6:47 am

    My mouth is watering just thinking about 1L of Steri Stumpie gooooooodness. It was the ultimate babbelas beater when you combine it with a Bimbo’s Breakfast-in-pita at 4AM. It’s definitely going on my to-do list when I get back to SA for a holiday. You can win a Steri delivery if you like them on Facebook. I wonder if they will deliver to Oz.

    Ox, I fully agree that you shouldn’t be fed.

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