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Escape Monday: The Hadouken Craze Has Landed

hadoukenI always thought “planking” and “owling” and other similar crazes were a bit lame and don’t even get me started on the Harlem Shake, the world’s most retarded dance ever created.

Seems there’s a new craze destined to last at least a week or two that has sprung up recently which is way more badass than its predecessors and goes by the name Hadoukening.

To the uninitiated, Hadoukening is taken from a move in the Street Fighter games which sent enemies flying backward after the player (either Ken, Ryu or Sajura) unleashed a surge of pure spirit energy.

Getting this right can’t be easy. Your timing has to be pretty much spot on and the people taking part need to have some mad jumping skillz, but the results are pretty damn radass.

Check it:



















Pretty cool. I give it three weeks at the most and the next big internet photo trend will already be raping your eyes for all it’s worth.

Until then, happy Hadoukening!