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Escape Monday: What Archaeologists Of The Future Will Find

maico-akiba-moss-6I love the idea of a future where the gears of industry, commercialism and capitalism grind to a halt, the population plummets back down to less than a billion and we go back to living a simpler way of life.

As long as my iPad keeps working. And my laptop. And my cell phone. And the internet. You know, the basics of human survival. Life without any one of those things would be pretty much unbearable.

I was browsing Neatorama yesterday and came across these sick household items that have been treated to look like they’re from 100 years into the future. It’s all part of a project artist Maico Akiba put together and it’s motherflippin awesome.

Have a look-see:













SO wearing that shirt for my next client meeting, ous will be lank impressed.

Incidentally, if you ever want to make moss grow on something pretty much overnight, paint that mofo with yoghurt.

Now you know.