There will be no post today…

party-hard-watermelon-man-5751Sorry guys.

I got some fucking amazing news yesterday, work-related stuff but seriously awesome, so I did what any self-respecting man (or person) does when they get good news, I went out and got shizit-faced with all my buddies.

As a result all I got for you today is this sorry, whisky-soaked post that smells like old socks and reads like a hastily scrawled message on a bathroom wall:

Metallica rocks.

Metallica sucks.

You suck.

Fuck you.

But here’s a great picture I found on the internet awhile back of a tree-house made from toothpicks in a broccoli tree.

This is my happy place. It’s where my mind goes to on days like today, when I’m too hungover to function coherently.





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