Meet My New Buddy Seasick Steve

12712637It’s just been one of those weeks. Things aren’t going quite according to plan and you find yourself staring out windows at the gathering storm wandering where it all went wrong.

You’re not alone brother. The Tiger’s also been feelin’ a little in the dumps lately but the good news is that this too shall pass, and while we’re fighting the good fight and waiting for that moment to come, I say let’s hang out with my new buddy Seasick Steve.

See, ol’ Seasick knows how bad things can get, before he made it he used to busk in the Paris Metro, only finding fame in his late fifties.

This guy is the real deal, from his frazzled grey soup-catcher to his beaten up John Deere cap and dungarees, he is everything that is badass about old-school blues.



He has a voice like an old grizzly bear and can change it up from the low, lonely, slit-your-wrists ballad I’m about to play you to foot-stompin, redneck country and western tracks that bring words like “yeee-haw!” and “hootenanny!” to mind.

I just think he’s fucking cool. I’ve got a soft spot for old veterans like my pal Seasick. He attributes his recent success to his cheap and weather-beaten guitar “The Trance Wonder” which he bought off a friend of his in Mississippi who later revealed to Seasick that it was haunted.



Get his album You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks if you dig this track. It’s the opener and by far the most gut-wrenching track on the album. The rest are a lot more upbeat and there’s even an entire track dedicated to whisky (So. Bad. Ass).

This one’s called “Treasures”.




2 Responses to “Meet My New Buddy Seasick Steve”

  1. 1 Seerower
    September 1, 2011 at 9:44 am

    Seasick Steve is awesome, you can hear the love and energy that he puts into his music. I would gladly donate one of my appendages for the chance to see him live. Check out his live performances of Save Me on Youtube with a diddley bow. It’s amazing that this man can accomplish with just one string what whole bands fail to do.

    If you ever feel like having a bit of fun then make your own diddley bow, it took me about 20 minutes and about 20 more to knock out a decent tune. It makes an awesome “sitting-around-the-fire-drinking-with-friends instrument.

  2. 2 Megs
    September 3, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    He was on Top Gear recently, very funny doing his lap in the reasonably priced car.

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