Was Blogging Just A Fad?

jj_fadA couple weeks back (actually, the same night as the pasta salad bombing taxi driver incident), we were walking up one of the streets coming off Long Street in town when we ran into a group of about 6 or 7 supposed eighteen year olds getting good and hammered.

I instantly took a liking to these crazy cats because at their age I was doing exactly the same thing – passing 2 litre coke bottles half filled with vodka around, smoking the cigarettes I stole from my mom and getting into as much trouble as humanly possible.

We spent awhile chatting to these kids who were really friendly and wanted to take a whole bunch of pictures with us for Facebook.

“Tag me as SlickTiger,” I said.

“Why?” one of them asked.

“It’s the name I blog under.”

“You blog?!?” one of the kids said, spitting the words out like a mouthful of sick, “I didn’t think people still did that…”

“I’m old school,” was all I could really think to reply, “I mean Christ, I’m nearly thirty kid, as much as it kills me to admit it, there’s an entire generation between you and me.”



He was kind enough to do the whole “no fucking way you’re that old!” routine, which was flattering but his acting needed work. Also, I happen to be one of those people who looks exactly his age, not one day older or younger.

But it got me thinking – has blogging seen it’s heyday? There seemed to be a time when EVERYONE was doing it, are those sites still going? Are there still new ones popping up all the time?

I feel disconnected ever since work clamped down on my Twitter time and most days I just pilot this junkyard site through the ether completely unaffected by what’s going on out there in the wider world.



I’ve always said that one day I’ll get my shit together and polish this site up, pump some money into it and sex it up a little, streamline the content, get some advertisers on board and take it to the next level, but what if it’s already at the point where no one really gives a shit either way?

I’ll write this site for as long as I live, it will be a living record of my life that I can look back on and (hopefully) be proud of so I guess it doesn’t really matter if blogging is a fad or not cause I’m here to stay, but I’m interested in hearing what you guys think.


4 Responses to “Was Blogging Just A Fad?”

  1. September 1, 2011 at 11:10 am

    If blogging is dead, then I am an audience for the deceased. I read this site everyday. I just think people are over the novelty of having ‘a voice’ which is so easily accessible these days by getting free blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. Like any new craze/trend, it will die out, but the quality blogs will remain as people become more selective and discerning in the material they read. Have a look at this new initiative developed by me previous employer. These guys are blogging everyday and making buckets of cash, whilst keeping the content priority. http://say100.saymedia.com/

    • September 1, 2011 at 12:36 pm

      Say 100 is fucking rad man! Nice design too – did you have anything to do with that?
      Also, I want to give you this ^5.
      And then I want to give you this *5.
      Because you might be one of the only people that knows what that means.
      Fight on brother.

  2. 3 Slick tiger's number 1 fan
    September 6, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    I just spent no less than 3 hours of my working day reading blog posts I’ve missed since Nov 10. And in those 3 hours, I believe I have learnt 3 things:

    1) I will never miss another post. Fuck, I’d forgot how funny this blog is!

    2) I will ALWAYS read this blog at work, because the only thing that could make this blog better is getting paid to read it. And I just did. Epic!

    3) You should never stop writing this blog. Ever. Period.

    • September 6, 2011 at 9:11 pm

      FUCK YEAH!
      No.1, you are a total badass and obviously one of the smartest people alive with the best taste in blog sites of basically anyone on the planet. Just this one comment has validated what has been nearly two years of blogging on Them’s Fightin’ Words.
      Thanks for taking the time to write this.
      Fight on brother!

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