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Sick Customer Service Award: SKULLCANDY

skullcandy_wallpaper4-613648Fucking South Africa, y’know?! I mean, I love this country to pieces but our customer service is seriously up to shit most of the time – it’s like some companies don’t want your business at all.

They rope you in as clients or customers and then act like they’re the ones doing you a favour. But this is not Hello Peter, this is SlickTiger bitches, so instead of complaining I’m gonna do the exact opposite.

Starting now, every time I receive excellent customer service and get treated like a flippin’ CHAMPION, I’m going to sing that company’s praises on the site so you guys don’t have to waste your time with shitheads who don’t deserve your business.

As you may have guessed from the title of this post the first recipients of the Sick Customer Service Award (SCSA so it’s more official-sounding) is Skullcandy which is handled locally by Luksbrands.

The story goes like this: As part of the 5Gum Experience with 2Door Cinema Club last year, the badasses at Retroviral dropped off some Skullcandy “Agent” headphones for your Tiger pal which I then proceeded to use basically everyday to escape to my happy place.



After extensive use, agitated by the fact that I took the phones travelling all over the world (England, Holland, Thailand, Durban, you name it) the sound in the left headphone started conking out.

I wrote to Skullcandy to find out if they could do anything to help a Tiger out and that’s how I met Janis.

Janis is such a badass she got back to me within an hour, asking for my cell number so we could sort everything out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Within a day my old faulty headphones had been collected and a week after that the following arrived in the post, no questions asked:



Thanks to Luksbrands and the experience I had with them, I’ll probably use Skullcandy headphones for the rest of my life.

Janis stayed in email contact with me throughout the entire process, was friendly, responsive and went completely out of her way to help a Tiger out.

So to Luksbrands, Skullcandy and Janis – congratulations! It is with great satisfaction that I present you the first official SCSA on my site.



Other brands out there listen up: if you want to impress the shit out of your customers, call Janis and start taking notes.

Simple as that Winking smile

And with that, I’m outta here to blast the new Beast album into my brain as I slide into music-induced bliss.

Later Party People,