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Other Level Friday LOLZ

tumblr_mitevdEbCn1qj26eao1_500It’s a rainy-ass day in Cape Town, what I like to call a classic GTFH day (gothefuckhome). I swear I’d actually pay my company R500 to let me just go home and go back to bed. Five hundred big ones. Done deal.

But sadly that’s not gonna happen. Instead I’ll get through today as best I can and try to duck out at 4. Hopefully by then it’s still all rainy and overcast and I can nail a flippin awesome afternoon nap.

Meanwhile, life carries on, but to make it a little more bearable for you badass mofos I’ve thrown together yet another random collection of Friday LOLZ that I think you’ll enjoy.

Starting with this spoof intro for Walking Dead from 1995:



And if that weren’t awesome enough, here’s Breaking Bad 1995 style:



Ahh 1995… you kill me every time…

In other news:









Have a killer weekend party people!

Be rad Winking smile