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Ultimate Wake Up Prank Compilation

Water PrankTrying to fit in the correspondence course I’m currently doing on top of blogging and a full time job is proving trickier than I’d first anticipated, no doubt about that.

I’m finding myself having to wake up at all kinds of ungodly hours to fit it all in which is why I can sympathise with the people in the video you’re about to see who are being cruelly wrenched from sleep.

It takes a really sadistic person to wake someone up like this. Sleep is without a doubt one of the best parts of being human so even though I died laughing at some of these pranks, deep inside felt sorry for these people, especially the rat trap guy.

Check it:



How’s the dad with the creepy mask and the chainsaw!? Way to traumatise your kids for the rest of their lives there dude.

Have a killer Tuesday Party People. This will all be over before you know it Winking smile