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The Secret To Immortality Lies In A Motherflippin’ Jellyfish!

immortal-jellyfish-turritopsis-nutricula-4I don’t usually blog about sciencey / marine biology-ee stuff, but today’s post is an exception folks because I read about this curazy jellyfish that has been classified as “biologically immortal”.

The little sucker in question is no bigger than your pinky nail (4.5mm) which was a bit of an anti-climax for me (I was picturing some gigantic, alien-looking thing taking heavy artillery fire and instantly regenerating).

But then I read about this thing’s life cycle and I was completely dumbstruck. The Turritopsis nutricula (“Turry” to his friends) is able to transform its cells from a mature state back to immaturity after it has matured and mated. In other words, this little asshole is capable of aging backwards.