Escape Monday: Light Painting

Untitled #15Wow guys, the weekend that just passed was all kinds of epic. J-Rab had her baby shower and me and the guys had The Last Party Before Fatherhood which was really just a cheap ploy to get free nappies.

Well lemme tell ya, I flippin earned those nappies. An hour into the party the guys had me in an adult diaper bobbing for chocolates in a beer-filled potty. Yeah. And that was just the beginning.

If ever I could have chosen a day to pull a sickie, it would have been today. But no, I’m gonna tough it out, straighten out my life a little and show you guys these pics from photographer Harold Ross.

He uses this crazy technique called “light painting” by using an LED flashlight to paint various scenes, creating this eerie lighting that almost makes the scenes look like they’ve been painted.

Have a look-see:










Have yourself a killer Monday and remember, the only way out is through.


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