Escape Monday: Pics From The “Best Of Russia 2012” Competition

tower-perspective_2494677kRussians are a weird bunch at the best of times. The only first-hand experience I’ve had of them was when J-Rab and I were in Thailand on an island tour with about 30 of them in a speedboat with us.

The trip lasted a good 10 hours and during the course of it we saw some of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, but do you think these flippin’ Ruskies cracked one goddamn smile at any point during the trip?!

It was like we were stuck on a boat with a buncha miserable shop mannequins. That’s what made the photos I’m about to show you all the more remarkable. The depth of emotion they capture and communicate is truly amazing.

They’re from the annual “Best Of Russia” photo competition, which is open to amateurs and professionals alike. The only proviso is that the photos have to be from 2012.

Check it:
























And my favourite of the whole bunch (because I’m having a daughter, and when she grows up, I want her to be a little badass like this):



Hope you liked those pics, if you want to check out more, hit this link.

Later Partytjie Mense!


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